Unibot Cyber Attack Results in $560,000 Loss for Users

Unibot, known for its Telegram bot that facilitates trades on the decentralized Uniswap platform, recently fell victim to a cyber attack. This unfortunate breach occurred on October 29 and led to the loss of approximately $560,000, which was held in various memecoins by Unibot users. On October 31, Scopescan, a firm specializing in blockchain analytics, alerted users to the breach at Unibot. They discovered that an exploit in a recently released Unibot contract had siphoned off cryptocurrency assets from multiple users. Unibot addressed the situation, stating that their system detected an...

source: https://tokenpost.com/Unibot-Faces-Cyber-Attack-Cryptocurrency-Users-Lose-Over-Half-a-Million-Dollars-10904

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