Drama in the SEO world is getting spicy - Business Insider

  • The Verge published "The people who ruined the internet" about the world of SEO marketers.
  • The SEO community, including people interviewed for the article, were not pleased. At all.
  • SEOs didn't ruin the internet, but there is something deeper about how Google has shaped it.


Are your Google search results increasingly irrelevant — worthless, even? Blame "the people who ruined the internet," a recent story in The Verge suggests. Those would be the SEO gurus, who perhaps unsurprisingly aren't taking kindly to the headline.

I never thought I'd say these words, but, friends: The SEO drama is spicy.

The Verge article, written by Amanda Chicago Lewis, is 8,000 words and starts with an anecdote about attending a search-engine optimization industry event that featured a live alligator. It seeks to answer a question many of us have thought: Why does it seem like Google search sucks now?

For the last few years, social platforms have been more at the forefront of what we blame for ruining the internet. There's no shortage of analysis and reporting on why Facebook sucks, Instagram sucks, YouTube sucks, and so on.


Google Search, meanwhile, is something we sort of take for granted as just the backdrop to the internet — the white paint on the gallery walls. But it's not: It's also a bajillion dollar business for Alphabet, which makes money from ads that run in search — and it's a huge industry for people and companies who make lots of money finessing those...

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