Google Search Liaison Gives Rare Glimpse Into Feedback Process - Search Engine Journal

A report from Google's Search Liaison suggests the company needs to clarify what "people-first" content means for publishers.

  • Google needs to better explain "people-first content."
  • Search Liaison's report notes large publishers seem to dominate search results.
  • A "helpful content tool" could help to evaluate whether content meets Google's standards.

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Google’s Search Liaison, Danny Sullivan, recently revealed how he relays feedback from the public to others within Google.

In a post on X (formerly Twitter), Sullivan shared screenshots of a document submitted to Google’s search team, highlighting his discussions with users, including their thoughts, concerns, and suggestions.

This uncommon glimpse into the inner workings of Google shows that the company is aware of key issues publishers face following recent core updates.

Additionally, it underscores that Google must improve how it communicates recommendations to publishers and clarify what it means to create “people-first” content.

Key Issue #1: What Is People-First Content?

A key issue many users raised, Sullivan says, is the challenge of creating “people-first content” that serves...

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