Ulike Expands with More Experts to Enrich the Lab’s Treasure Trove of Skincare and Dermatology

Ulike expanded its lab and appointed several US board-certified dermatologists. Read this press release to know more

California–- Ulike, a highly sought-after name in the skincare and dermatology industry, is thrilled to announce the addition of a few highly esteemed US Board-certified dermatologists to its Ulike Lab. These accomplished professionals will contribute their expertise and insights to further enrich the lab’s treasure trove of dermatological knowledge.

The newly appointed dermatologists are Dr. Sanober Pezad, Dr. Anna Chacon, and Dr. Jennifer Haley. These esteemed professionals join the rank of Ulike lab alongside well-respected doctors who have been contributing their expertise for some time, including Dr. David Lim and Dr. Haley King.

About Ulike Lab

“We’re excited to welcome these accomplished dermatologists to the Ulike family and look forward to working with them,” said the CEO of Ulike. “Their insights will significantly enrich our platform providing valuable information on skincare and dermatology to the ever-growing community of skincare.”

Ulike Lab serves as a valuable resource for those seeking expert advice, research, and reviews in the field of dermatology and skincare. The inclusion of more US Board-certified dermatologists underscores Ulike’s commitment to providing trustworthy, research-backed information in the ever-evolving world of skincare.

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How to Join Ulike Lab

Ulike is a prominent name in the skincare and dermatology industry, dedicated to providing top-notch hair removal products and a platform for experts to share their knowledge. Ulike’s commitment to excellence and innovation has made it a trusted resource for skincare enthusiasts and medical professionals alike.

We aim to build a reputable library of information and insights that can improve lifestyle and help individuals become more beautiful and healthier. We’d be glad to welcome dermatologists, medical doctors, and cosmetologists from all over the world to join Ulike Lab and contribute their insights here. Please drop in a line at [email protected].

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