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Blog / Which Keyword Intent Reigns Supreme?

Have you ever stopped to consider the reason—the user’s purpose for searching—behind the keywords you’re targeting?

That’s where keyword intent comes in.

Keyword intent, also referred to as search intent, is the reason behind the user’s query. Each query has a purpose, and knowing the intent behind keyword targets helps you create engaging content that meets users’ expectations.

So how should keyword search intent impact your keyword targeting and content creation?

In this post, I’ll review the four main types of keyword intent and why creating content that meets intent matters. I’ll explain how three major SEO brands utilize different search intent in their keyword universes (all traffic-driving keywords to a website).

What can we learn from them? Can we apply any of their strategies to our own content?

Keep reading to find out.

What Are the Main Types of Keyword Intent?

There are four types of keyword intent. They are:

  • Navigational intent: Users are looking for a specific page, like a login page (e.g. “Ubersuggest login”).
  • Informational intent: Users are looking to learn something about a topic (e.g. “what is search intent”).
  • Commercial intent: Users are looking to research before making a purchase decision (e.g. “best keyword research tool”).
  • Transactional intent: Users are looking to complete an action, usually a...

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