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Google offers tips on improving website speed scores: test elements individually, isolate limiting factors, focus optimizations where needed.

  • Mueller recommends testing individual page elements on noindexed pages to see their effect on speed.
  • If a test page is faster but the live page doesn't improve as much, other factors are slowing the live page.
  • If page speed is reasonable already, extensive extra work may not be needed.

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A discussion on Reddit involving Google Search Advocate John Mueller offers guidance on optimizing website performance and highlights the challenges of improving scores on Google’s PageSpeed Insights (PSI) tool.

In a recent thread, a user asked for guidance after significantly reducing image and video file sizes did not lead to better PSI scores as expected. The user said they had compressed images by 90% and videos by 80% but saw no change in how PSI graded their site’s speed.

For context, PSI is a free service Google provides to evaluate the loading speeds of submitted web pages. It analyzes elements, including images, scripts, and code, to generate a score from 0 to 100 and provide recommendations on boosting performance.

With page speed being a concern for search engine optimization (SEO) and user experience, achieving a high PSI score is...

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