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Prediction 2024 Event:Greg Diamond and Marc Chaikin

Prediction 2024 event is where the man who predicted the 2020 and 2022 crashes - Greg Diamond - will join together with Wall Street legend Marc Chaikin to issue a major prediction for 2024.

New York, NY, Nov. 08, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- is extremely excited and eager to bring to you the current financial narrative that has captured the attention of many. This story, brimming with intrigue and significance, stands out as the most captivating in the financial sphere at this moment.

On November 14, Greg Diamond – who predicted the 2020 and 2022 crashes and the 2023 rally – will name exactly when, why, and how he predicts the market will see a huge turning point. He will join together with Wall Street legend Marc Chaikin to issue a major prediction for 2024.

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Prediction 2024 Event with Greg Diamond and Marc Chaikin - What Is All About?

"The market could see a massive move on February 14, 2024. It could be a turning point for millions of Americans..."

This prediction comes from Greg Diamond, a $65 billion pension fund former trader. He and Marc Chaikin are both predicting a major move in 2024 which we urge you to take seriously, considering Greg's background.

The fact is, Greg predicted the 2020 crash three months before it happened, to the week. He also predicted the 2022 crash, a day before it began, using a century-old trading strategy. You could have doubled your money 5 different times with his recommendations this year alone, after he nailed the market bottom within 24 hours.

That's why, today, Greg Diamond and Marc Chaikin are sharing a new warning.

In short: A huge move could soon wipe out your open gains or...

You could end up making more money than you've made in a very long time - without touching a single stock along the way - with the same strategy Greg once used to manage up to $900 million a day on Wall Street.

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Greg Diamond is even using A.I.-level software to confirm his prediction and boost the potential gains. And for that, he has been working closely with Wall Street legend Marc Chaikin, a pioneer of intelligent software.

By combining Marc Chakin's work with Greg Diamond's strategy, Marc and Greg have uncovered a totally new way of making money in today’s choppy market, which can boost every single one of your gains.

If you’re unfamiliar with Marc, he spent 50 years on Wall Street… survived and thrived in 10 bear markets… helped create three new indices for the Nasdaq, where he rang the opening bell… and he’s appeared numerous times on Fox Business and CNBC’s Mad Money, where Jim Cramer once said he’s learned to never bet against him.

Marc has developed a way to essentially predict TOMORROW’S stock ratings on Wall Street… TODAY… by using an A.I.-level system that’s been eerily accurate.

He literally helped create Wall Street’s entire stock rating system – by using an indicator that bears his name on every Bloomberg terminal across Wall Street.

Today, Marc Chaikin and Greg Diamond are joining forces to get you ready for what could be a historically tough market in 2024.

They’ll unveil a system that predicts stock prices, essentially like scanning millions of overnight trading slips… and how to combine it with a century-old strategy to see which dates of the market will see the biggest moves… And how each move could double your money, over and over again, whether stocks go UP or DOWN.

Meet Greg Diamond

He was the head trader for a $65 billion pension fund and for one of the oldest hedge funds in America. During his storied career, he managed up to $900 million a day... booked an average profit of $155,000 a day... booked a $4.6 million profit in 24 hours... a $1,424,800 profit in 24 hours and more. He was so successful, his boss offered him $175,000 to stay on - but he left Wall Street to join Stansberry.

At Stansberry Research, Greg predicted the 2020 crash three months before it began, when COVID-19 was barely a murmur in the press... He predicted the 2022 crash one day before it began... called for a rally in 2023, just before the Dow saw one of its longest rallies since 1897... and he's booked 36 different gains of 100+%.

When Is Prediction 2024 event scheduled to take place?

Prediction 2024 Event has been scheduled to take place on Tuesday, November 14, 2023 at 10 a.m. Eastern time.

Prediction 2024 Event Registration

To get access to Prediction 2024 Event, all individuals have to do is enter their respective emails here. Then, you'll be granted access to the official Prediction 2024 event website. This is the place where you'll find:

A 3-part video series to prepare for Prediction 2024 Event

  • VIDEO #1: After nailing the 2020 and 2022 crashes and the 2023 rally, Greg now predicts the market will see a brutal inflection point in 2024 that will open a historic money-making opportunity and devastate the 99% of investors who don’t see it coming.
  • VIDEO #2: How to use an online system more advanced than conventional A.I. to essentially predict tomorrow’s stock ratings… today.
  • VIDEO #3: The century-old trading strategy Greg has mastered to book gains in good times and bad… And how he’s adding an A.I.-level system for the first time ever for a chance to book bigger gains for a short period.

Access a to a lite version of the Power Gauge system

Power Gauge is an A.I.-level system Greg is adding to his century-old trading strategy to play today's choppy market. Type in any of 5,000 tickers for the chance to predict tomorrow's stock ratings on Wall Street... and see which stocks could soon double your money.

Also, you'll be presented with the chance of becoming VIPs. As a VIP member, the following extra bonus will be sent out to you immediately:

  • You'll instantly receive a copy of Marc and Greg's bonus report, "3 Stocks to Trade Right Now."

It names 3 stocks that are extremely susceptible to Greg’s strategy and which he predicts you could double your money with once again, in 2024.

His report also explains how he predicted the 2020 and 2022 crashes using a strategy that dates back to a Texan man in 1902. And how to use an A.I.-level system to boost your potential gains.

Free Bonus For Attending Prediction 2024 Event

Greg and Marc will give away a recommendation for where to move your money immediately. Plus, they'll unveil a new way of investing in 2024 using intelligent software - designed for today's choppy market.

You'll see why (and how lucrative this is) on November 14.

Bottom Line: Should You Attend Prediction 2024 Event?

On November 14, the man who predicted the 2020 and 2022 crashes - Greg Diamond - will join together with Wall Street legend Marc Chaikin to issue a major prediction for 2024...

Attending Prediction 2024 Event, you’ll learn about a century-old trading strategy developed by $65 billion pension fund former head trader Greg Diamond that could have doubled your money 36 different times so far…

And how – for the first time ever – he’s adding it to Marc’s A.I.-level system to boost the potential gains by 5 to 10 times higher.

It all boils down to a new way of using Chaikin’s Power Gauge system he’s NEVER revealed before in public.

Marc’s clients have paid $5,000 per month to access the Power Gauge findings. And most analysts can only access Marc’s indicator via Bloomberg… a Wall Street terminal that costs $24,000 a year.

But until Tuesday, November 14, we’re giving you FREE access to a lite version of the Power Gauge to prepare you for the Prediction 2024 event.

That day at 10 a.m. ET, Marc and Greg will demonstrate a new way of using the Power Gauge in combination with a strategy that dates back to 1902 for a way to add a 1,000% potential boost to all your gains on the biggest moves in the market.

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