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Based on the title of this post, it should be no surprise which new feature introduced at OpenAI DevDay was my favorite: custom GPTs. Now that custom GPTs are available to more users, I thought I would share some examples for SEO and marketing.

To recap, Custom GPTs give ChatGPT Plus and Enterprise users the ability to create a GPT with a specific set of instructions, additional files to reference (knowledge), multimodal capabilities, and custom actions with third-party APIs.

Think of it like working with ChatGPT using an advanced version of Custom Instructions without the 3,000 character limit.

How To Build A Custom GPT

There are two ways you can build your own custom GPT: Create or Configure. Create allows you to have a conversation with the GPT Builder.

One of the perks of custom GPTs is that you can customize them using natural language instead of coding or setting a detailed list of parameters.

For those more experienced in prompt engineering, Configure allows you to customize the GPT by entering specific details about the GPT.

Details like the image, name, and description appear on the Explore GPTs page and on the GPT itself.

Conversation starters appear as the suggested prompts in the GPT interface.

Instructions allows you to specify functionalities you want the GPT to have and behaviors you want the GPT to exhibit or avoid. GPT instructions can be up to 8,000 characters in length – over twice as long as Custom Instructions – and are prompt-engineered from...

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