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Go is a young language compared to a language like Python, born in 2007.

It has incredible features such as fast execution speed compared to interpreted languages.

It excels in handling concurrency, making it one of the best choices among other languages.

It is easy to scale and has a great community supporting it.

As a technical SEO/SEO developer who develops various tools for automating the SEO process, one of the key points is being fast and efficient in developing and shipping code without complexity.

In these situations, Go (Golang) shines as bright as the sun.

SEO Automation

When it comes to SEO automation, there are many ways to structure the whole project.

You can write your entire app in a single language and package, or you can split your app into microservices/serverless functions and write each service using the language that performs best for it.

If you are working on a simple automation task, this isn’t your concern.

However, as the project grows, you may encounter productivity bottlenecks as an SEO developer.

Who Is An SEO Developer?

When you search to know more about SEO developers, you’ll find some sources that refer to SEO developers as front-end engineers who know about SEO.

However, we know that in an ideal website structure, the app front-end...

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