OpenCab Gains Momentum as Industry Standard for Mobile App Integrations

Six major technology vendors commit to use the in-cab interface specification

Greenville, South Carolina--(Newsfile Corp. - November 9, 2023) - OpenCab, an interface specification created to improve the transfer of data between commercial trucking apps, announces that six leading technology providers have committed to using the standard to more easily share driver and vehicle information and improve communication between mobile apps.

Using the OpenCab standard, solution providers and in-house developers can more easily integrate with other providers. The protocol allows vendors to build and maintain integrations without the need for cumbersome software development kits (SDKs) that are often difficult to install and manage. The specification, which is well-documented, allows data to be easily and securely shared between both commercial and homegrown trucking apps - all in real-time.

"OpenCab makes it possible for apps with different functions like ELDs, truck sensors, cameras, and telematics to communicate seamlessly with each other in the cab without the need to manage SDKs," said Eleos Technologies CEO Kevin Survance. "Now, with major technology providers committed to using the standard, it allows carriers to quickly implement and use their services. Both carriers and the providers will see the benefits of faster, more affordable and robust integrations."

To date, major players including Drivewyze, Eleos, Geotab, Orbcomm, PrePass and Zonar, are developing integrations using the OpenCab standard. Several other vendors are prioritizing integrations and see a future where OpenCab makes life easier for everyone.

"Every truck participating in the PrePass weigh station bypass program makes America's highways safer and our supply chain more efficient," said Mark Doughty, President and CEO of PrePass Safety Alliance. "Integrating with the OpenCab protocol gives us a much easier way to connect the PrePass app with other apps to improve the driver experience and create efficiencies for fleets to help them save time, fuel, and money."

Any Android trucking app can integrate with other apps through OpenCab. Currently, the standard is being used by technology providers to support single sign-on and data exchanges to track hours of service. The standard is expected to evolve to support temperature alerts, tire pressure alerts, engine data, trailer sensors, weather alerts, and more.

"Prior to having the OpenCab standard, getting systems to share information required significant custom integrations, which became a development and maintenance nightmare. Tremendous amounts of time and money will be saved by industry in-cab providers who adopt the standard," Survance said. "OpenCab offers an exciting future that will improve the industry and help every player become more efficient."

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About OpenCab:

OpenCab is a simple, well-documented interface spec that lets commercial trucking apps share driver and vehicle information. This makes it possible for devices like ELDs, sensors, and cameras to work together seamlessly, by allowing their proprietary apps to communicate with each other through OpenCab, eliminating the need for cumbersome SDKs.

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