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Singapore, Singapore, Nov. 02, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) --

Planetarium Labs, a rapidly growing Web3 gaming company that builds immersive and moddable experiences for gamers around the world, will launch the highly-anticipated Nine Chronicles (9C) M on November 22, 2023, marking a pivotal milestone in the progression of the Web3 gaming landscape.

The mobile version will offer the same engaging and customizable features that have established Nine Chronicles as a leading Web3 RPG game on PC, seamlessly blending immersive gameplay with the convenience of mobile accessibility. According to Statista, there are approximately 3 billion gamers worldwide, of which over half (1.7 billion) are mobile-first gamers. Nine Chronicles M aims not only to deliver earning opportunities, enhanced accessibility, and immersive gaming experiences, but also to contribute to Web3 adoption while maximizing benefits for players.

According to JC Kim, Co-Founder and CEO of Planetarium Labs: “Our mission has always been to deliver the best experiences to the widest possible user base. Nine Chronicles is already one of our most successful titles with over 200,000 players. Now, with Nine Chronicles M, players can enjoy the game anywhere, anytime, using just their mobile phones. It will also be available on Google Play and Apple Store with support for in-app purchases, aligning with our strategy of introducing users – even those unfamiliar with crypto, to Web3 games in a user-friendly manner.”

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