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WUHAN, China, Nov. 10, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — A report from
Muhammad Ashfaq, assistant professor of the Institute of Agricultural Sciences of the University of the Punjab, took over 2,000 samples of rice leaves newly picked from the pilot field in the university to central China’s Wuhan University, on Sept. 14.
Covering the samples with dry ice to keep them fresh, Ashfaq saw to their expedited delivery to the lab of Wuhan University.
The samples of rice leaves were crucial materials for examining the quality of Honglian type hybrid rice planted in the University of the Punjab.
Honglian type hybrid rice, invented by Wuhan University in 1972 and recognized as one of the three kinds of cytoplasmic male sterility hybrid rice worldwide, has been instrumental in international agricultural cooperation and aid.
With a high yield, strong adaptability, and high-temperature resistance, the hybrid rice is suitable to be planted in Belt and Road partner countries in hot climates and facing frequent plant diseases and insect pests.
Cultivating seeds
In 2019, Zhu Renshan and Wu Xianting of Wuhan University, traveled to the University of Punjab for cooperation on researching high-temperature resistant genes, promoting rice planting technologies, as well as improving the quality of the rice.
That year, Ashfaq planted Honglian hybrid rice and saw that its yield was 12.5% higher than that of the best local type.
In 2020, the Wuhan University-University of the Punjab Joint Research...

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