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In this week’s edition of Five on Friday, we delve into key developments and trends shaping your business. From next week’s Google imminent Reviews System update, learning from The New York Times’ strategic shifts, the U.S. Department of Justice unveiling Google’s search ranking secrets, and the forces behind rising streaming prices, these pieces offer invaluable insights. Additionally, we explore YouTube Premium’s global price increase amidst a crackdown on ad blockers. Dive into these below!

Google Reviews System Set for Major Update Next Week: What You Need to Know

Google has announced an upcoming update to its Reviews System, marking a significant shift in the evaluation process for articles, blog posts, and pages. Described as a machine learning model, the Reviews System is designed to assess first-party standalone content offering recommendations, opinions, or analysis.

Notably, the system does not evaluate third-party reviews posted by users on product or service pages. The update, set to roll out next week, signals a departure from periodic notifications of improvements, transitioning instead to regular releases of updates and enhancements to the system.

According to Search Engine Journal, Reviews System past updates have posed challenges for affected websites, with rankings remaining in a holding pattern until the next system update. However, the move towards regular, ongoing updates suggests a positive shift. Drawing parallels to the Penguin Update’s impact on...

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