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To help you enhance your small business website’s speed and SEO efforts, we’ve gathered nine insightful tips from CEOs, SEO Consultants, and Digital Marketing Managers. From switching to Webflow boosted speed and SEO to using the latest PHP version for enhanced website speed, discover the specific actions these professionals have taken and how they’ve impacted their SEO efforts. Here are nine tips for improving website speed for better SEO.

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  • Switching to Webflow Boosted Speed and SEO
  • Implementing Critical CSS Reduces Inefficiencies
  • Compressing Images and Minifying Files for Higher Rankings
  • Eliminating Duplicate Content Boosted Site Efficiency
  • Lazy-Loading Images Improved the Site Loading Time
  • Server and Bandwidth Upgrades Enhanced SEO Rankings
  • Content Delivery Network Boosted SEO Performance
  • Reducing Unessential Plugins Improved Functionality
  • Latest PHP Version Enhanced Website Speed

Switching to Webflow Boosted Speed and SEO

We struggled for months trying to optimize our WordPress site using a variety of WordPress plugins, as there was not one plugin that did everything. We ended up using Fastest Cache, Asset Clean-up Pro, Critical CSS, and Cloudflare for image optimization, but our Core Web Vitals scores were still not great. It occurred to me that perhaps we were on the wrong platform.

So, we switched platforms to Webflow—as it was built to be fast. I appreciate this is the nuclear option and it might not be for everyone.


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