CLEAN AI, Creator of Text-to-Video 360-Degree Experiences, to Launch Dreamscapes Immersive App

Seattle, Washington--(Newsfile Corp. - November 14, 2023) - CLEAN AI Technologies Inc. (CLEAN AI), whose 360-degree projections on walls, ceilings, and floors transport users to tranquil worlds, is gearing up for the 2024 release of its Dreamscapes Immersive App on, Android, Apple, Oculus, and Vision OS. The innovative technology will allow users to relax in peaceful settings that include tropical beaches, jungles, mountains, city scapes, and outer space.

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CLEAN AI: supporting the transformative journeys of patients through audio/visual experiences

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CLEAN AI, founded by self-described tech nerd Nolie MacDonald, is innovating 8D sound, bilateral stimulation, and visuals to transform the healing journeys of patients who struggle with PTSD and other issues. MacDonald, who was inspired by her own experiences with virtual reality and trauma recovery, says that CLEAN AI has developed text-to-video technology that allows end-users to simply describe their preferred scene and then be seamlessly transported to it via Vision OS glasses or a projection screen. The technology erases the boundaries between imagination and reality and empowers individuals to select experiences that are tailored to their specific needs.

"Our goal is to use VR and immersive technology to support patients with PTSD and ADHD," MacDonald explains. "We are hopeful that these breakthroughs in technology can foster better mental health and well-being by alleviating the physiological effects associated with trauma."

MacDonald and her team are also preparing to launch CLEAN AI's latest achievement: its library of 8D sounds, with categories including Rest & Relaxation, Focus, and Work/Study. Each soundscape will be easily accessible whether the listener is on their lunch hour, between classes, or at home in the privacy of their room.

"We are working towards the day when our VR and sound technologies are accessible to everyone who is recovering from mental health issues," MacDonald says. "Too many people around the world suffer from PTSD and the effects of trauma. CLEAN AI is providing the tools to empower them so that they can feel more at peace."


CLEAN AI, a hub for groundbreaking AI research, is driven by its team's passion for innovation and vision for a better future. By leveraging 8D Sound, bilateral stimulation, and visuals, CLEAN AI is creating immersive audio/visual experiences that engage the senses in a boundary-free experience. Prepare for a technically seamless journey in which the power of immersion fosters a restorative and transformative environment.

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