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SEO is the sum of many different parts.

The end goal is always to get your website in the top search results so it can be visited by tons of people.

In order to reach that result, one of the most important steps to make is keyword research – that is, finding the best SEO keywords and using them effectively.

If you accidentally miss the mark here, the whole house of cards crumbles, even if your hand is a royal flush.

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Now, everybody knows keywords are for site optimization. But how exactly do they work? What makes them so vital for SEO?

In SEO, keywords fulfill three important objectives:

  • Attract users (your potential clients) with specific search interests.
  • Signal to search engines about your content’s topic.
  • Serve as a foundation for good, expert-level content.

That’s why keywords are so important: no other ranking factor can do those things.

And doing them well requires thorough keyword research.

Let’s dive into how to find the best keywords for your site and the most effective ways to use them.

Step 1. Fully Understand The User’s Search Intent

It’s easy to just take whatever keywords you like from a keyword research tool and put them onto your site. But if you suspect that that strategy is a bad idea, you are correct.

Finding the right keywords requires planning.

The key is to put some thought into your keyword research; you will have a much better shot at making your site...

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