How generative AI can bolster organic search strategies for insurance companies - Yahoo Finance

The following is a guest piece by Zerlina Jackson and Evan Finkelstein of New York Life. Opinions are the author’s own.

Providing trusted and in-depth information for customers has always been a top priority for insurers. With the rise of new technology that makes it more difficult for brands to control their narratives, it’s become even more important to keep up. In today's AI-driven era, the entire insurance sector bears a responsibility to exercise heightened vigilance in its outreach to consumers to ensure trust and data security for both current and future clients.

At their core, organic search strategies offer brands the opportunity to share their perspectives, insights and expertise with consumers to establish credibility, something that many consumers look for when it comes to insurance. However, there’s a wealth of information online that sounds credible, but isn’t. Misinformation is a problem when trying to access important knowledge and it’s particularly critical when it comes to insurance as people seek reliable information to make informed decisions about their financial futures.

Natural search enables insurance providers to be there and offer trusted guidance for consumers when they are researching important life decisions, such as saving for college, planning retirements and estate planning for themselves and loved ones. While generative AI can provide specific answers and directional advice, organic search results can drive users to sites with a broader...

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