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Google announced the launch of a new experiment called Notes that will allow users to view and share tips alongside search results, per an announcement released Tuesday morning.

Notes is being released through Google’s Search Labs, which offers early previews of experimental features so users can test new capabilities not yet available widely.

Google has previously released other search experiments through Labs, like its conversational AI assistant Bard.

How Notes Works

With Notes, users who opt-in through Google’s Search Labs will see a “Notes” button under certain search results and Discover articles in the Google app.

Tapping the button will reveal notes left by others about that page.

You can also create your own notes to “share your expertise with the world,” said Brad Kellett, Senior Director of Engineering for Google Search.

Notes may include text, photos, stickers and other customizable elements. Google will soon add AI-generated images to notes as well.

Providing Relevant Tips

“We’ve seen in our research that people are interested in what people like them are saying about a given web page,” Kellett said. “Notes are designed to work hand-in-hand with existing...

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