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Update Florida, which happened twenty years ago this month, completely shook up the search results and changed what it meant to do SEO. The lessons learned in 2004 hold a key to understanding and surviving Google updates today.

Before the update known as Florida, Google had monthly index refreshes that for a few days made the search engine results pages (SERPs) change for a few days as the rankings were updated.

These monthly updates were exciting because all of the new pages that were created since the last update may now start to rank.

Those monthly updates, where the sites in the SERPs bounced up and down in positions for a few days, became known as the Google Dance.

Until the Florida updates, the monthly Google Updates were kind of fun because that was the time to see what worked and what didn’t.

The Florida Update chased those happy days away.

What happened was that Update Florida was was not a monthly refresh, it was an algorithm change.

I think for me, the big lesson I learned, is that Google’s algorithms do not stay the same.

SEOs tend to do SEO the same way, year after year. Some of the things they do, like buying expired domains, are the kinds of things we did...

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