Why You Should Switch To An Always-On SEO Auditing Strategy - Search Engine Journal

Everyone who touches your website is on the SEO team. The problem is that most people don’t know they’re on the team. An “always on” mentality regarding SEO can help mitigate risk and protect rankings.

Since there’s no ‘easy’ button for a technical audit, join us for this special spotlight episode to learn how 24/7 monitoring can help you see everything happening on your site at any moment.

Go beyond SEO and bring together teams focused on compliance, know when people go rogue and when other teams make changes. Addressing them quickly as they happen can help your rankings and growth.

Conductor’s Patrick Reinhart joins me on the SEJ Show to dive into the importance of continuous SEO monitoring and how Conductor can help you work smarter, not harder.

Patrick will walk through common problems with SEO and how you can proactively fix them before rankings are impacted. You’ll also learn how real-time SEO auditing can streamline your process.

One of the hardest things is a conversation with other teams getting people to care. And I think something that always gets someone, the attention is data. –Pat Reinhart, 13:47

The mindset of it being a compliance component and that notification when something is not working can not necessarily change a negative mindset, but get everybody on the same mindset that you’re working together for this common goal, which I like. –Loren Baker, 16:59

One of the best things you can do is pay attention to how specific you’re being with your content....

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