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Danny Sullivan's remarkable presentation last week urges the SEO industry to rethink what they take away from Google's documentation

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Google’s Danny Sullivan posted details of a recent presentation he gave that focused on how the SEO community may have misunderstood how search rankings work, blaming the misunderstanding on Google’s guidance and documentation.

One of the examples he gave was how virtually the entire publishing industry adopted the idea of adding author pages and bylines based on the idea that Google’s algorithm was looking for that when in fact Google does not (according to Google’s Danny Sullivan).

However, the main point of the presentation wasn’t that Google doesn’t look for author pages.

The topic of the presentation was how Google’s guidance may not sufficiently take into account how those outside of Google may interpret it.

Danny wrote:

“The gap between what Google says to creators and what creators hear about being successful in Google Search needs to get better. That’s largely on us.

It’s something we’ll be working on. People-first content remains the path to success, but we hopefully can find better ways to communicate this…”

He used as an example...

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