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KARACHI: Helpp, a Singapore-based home services startup, has raised $1.1 million for the Pakistan market in its first investment round backed by high-net-worth investors from Saudi Arabia and the United States, said the startup CEO on Friday.
The round has been backed by the US-based E Planet Global, Shahyan Merchant Chairman You Ventures, Turki Al Shehri, a Saudi investor, J Holding Pakistan and other leading individual high net worth and business executives from the US, United Kingdom and Saudi Arabia, according to the startup.
“The funds raised through the first investment round would be utilized for customer acquisition and enhancement of tech stack,” Mustafa Iqbal, the founding CEO of Helpp Technologies, told Arab News.
“The funding round was substantially backed by Saudi high net worth investors,” he continued, adding that the startup would provide on demand salon, laundry, paint and air conditioning services in Pakistan’s biggest cities of Karachi and Lahore.
After launching its operations in 2021, Helpp became Pakistan’s first fully tech enabled player in the home services market that has met over 20,000 orders to date.
Pakistan’s home services despite being a multibillion-dollar industry remains serviced by micro-offline players. With a burgeoning middle class, customer satisfaction remains low, due to absence of standardized services and pricing, according to the startup.
Helpp aims to digitize this space, while not only solving the pain points of the consumers,...

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