Video: Buckle-Up, Google Reviews Update Weak, Hidden Gems Rolled Out, Personalized Google, Follow & Notes ... - Search Engine Roundtable

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It was a very busy week, so I apologize for the length of this video, so buckle up and get ready. Not that Google wanted to say that, but changes are coming to Google Search. We saw signs earlier this week that the Reviews update has rolled out but it seems weak. Google also shocked us by telling us that the Hidden Gems algorithm is live and has been live for months. Google has personalized search results based on your search history, added more perspectives, added a new follow feature, and has a new notes feature that many think will fail. Google also added gift ideas to SGE, with AI-generated images for apparel and men’s try-on. Google is testing new SGE ads, “you may also like.” Bing Chat was renamed to Copilot. Google said we should expect to see changes around third-party content issues in Google Search. Google won’t detail how it uses user interactions in search. Google updated its search quality raters guidelines; it seemed like a smaller update. Google Search Console has a new robots.txt report, which replaced the tester tool. Google said you should avoid including prices in the titles of your flight pages. Google added new carouse carousel information structured data and Search Console reports. Google seems to be showing FAQ-rich results again. Danny Sullivan shared his Google Search presentation on X. Google Business Profiles added gym attributes and you can now verify your business by taking a photo of your vehicle...

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