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Google’s John Mueller answered a question on Reddit in which the person asking the question apparently had questions about what the SEO tool was suggesting.

What the tool was suggesting didn’t line up with the goal the SEO had.

This is the question:

“I write for and manage the blog of a Vietnamese travel agency catering mainly to American and Australian tourists.

Many of the article H2s contain the actual Vietnamese versions of words (such as location names) because a few uses of the accented version (e.g. Quảng Bình vs Quang Binh) tend to show up in Surfer SEO’s suggestions.

Am I correct in my assumption that the accents should not be present because the target audience (tourists) will not be using accent marks in their searches?

Or do accent marks not matter in Google’s eyes?”

Google’s John Mueller answered:

“Write in your audience’s language – for the head(ers), body… Don’t rely on SEO tools to tell you how to write – do your own research.”

What Do The SERPs Say?

When it comes to researching what to do, sometimes it helps to see what’s ranking there.

In the above example, search queries with and without the accents (Quảng Bình vs Quang Binh) are generally the same,...

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