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Google's John Mueller answers the question about domain age and any impact on search rankings

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Someone on X (formerly Twitter) asked if domain age impacted search rankings. Google’s John Mueller sets the record straight.

The person asking the question tweeted:

“Does the age of a domain name impact Google search rankings?”

SEOs have for a long time noticed that older domain names correlate with top rankings.

But correlations are generally a poor foundation for understanding the world.

For example, the number of computer science doctorates awarded in the United States correlates exactly with the video game arcade revenues.

What Google’s John Mueller Said About Domain Age

Google’s John Mueller tweeted:

“Primarily those who want to sell you aged domains :-)”

And if that’s too ambiguous for some people, Mueller has previously tweeted:

“No, domain age helps nothing.”

Why Do SEOs Believe Domain Age Matters?

SEOs have believed for almost twenty years that domain age matters, that it was even an important ranking factor.

The idea may have evolved from a patent Google filed called Information retrieval based on historical data.

The patent mentioned domains in the context of historical data. But the patent didn’t really say what SEOs thought it did. Their reading of that...

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