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A content brief is an summary of what to include in an article. It provides info for search engine optimization, such as primary and secondary keywords and questions and answers. Briefs help writers and editors ensure an article addresses essential components.

Generative AI streamlines the making of content briefs and enhances the SEO benefits by using data from Google’s organic search results and elsewhere.

Here are three AI tools to consider.

Keyword Insights

Keyword Insights uses AI to discover and cluster keywords, optimize for intent, and generate content, including briefs.

To create a brief, provide your target keyword and language. The tool then scrapes headings from Google’s top 20 ranking pages, “People also ask” boxes, Reddit, and Quora.

For every competing article, click “Extract all key points” for a detailed outline and inclusion in a brief. For every brief, generate the article’s title and meta description.

Review the analysis and choose the subheadings. Then write an original article — don’t direct the tool to generate it.

Keyword Insights offers a four-day trial for $1. After that, it’s $58 per month.


MarketingBlocks is a comprehensive, AI-powered content suite. To create a brief, enter a keyword and target country. The tool then pulls info from multiple sources (similar to Keyword Insights), including:

  • Google’s search results — an overview of each ranking article with its heading and subheadings,
  • Questions from “People also ask,”
  • Reddit...

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