Education Innovator Suggests Students Regularly Meet with Therapists

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Sexual violence among children continues to escalate. A probable cause is that most atrocities go unreported.

The end goal of human enlightenment is to one day have a society of people who refrain from committing crimes based on their values. At the moment safety precautions involve perpetrators believing that consequences will occur.

Teenagers account for nearly half of all sexual assault incidences. The national sexual violence resource center claims 63 percent of these incidents to go unreported. While there are many reasons for this to occur, many of the reasons involve fear of things getting worse than they already are. By allowing crimes to go unreported, crime rates increase dramatically, since those committing the crimes are less likely to fear consequences.

So how do the schools intervene and encourage students to report crimes? One thing is for certain, although educators wish the best for their students, not many have knowledge of the safety protocol necessary for students to confess in a safe and secure manner. “My job as a teacher is centered around education, when I see a student that appears to be in distress my hope is to report this to a professional as taking matters into my own hands would be highly inappropriate .”, says Gavriel Dardashti.

Every school within a given district should have a sufficient number of mental health professionals. These professionals should meet with students regularly and implement a secure protocol that allows the student to inform the specialist in a manner where they feel safe.

While it should be mandated for every student to meet with a counselor throughout the course of the school year, suspected victims should be tended to immediately. If an educator witnesses signs of abuse they can report this to a counselor who can help protect the student in a professional manner. The true nature of educators remains vague, however, sometimes dealing with the students' emotional turmoil, will allow them to expand upon their educational goals.

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