The AI search wars between Google and OpenAI have begun -

Google has made a lot of changes to its SEO algorithm this past year. It’s no surprise to see the advertising and search engine giant doing so. It’s under huge threat from AI content and like any dominant party, it doesn’t take threats to its monopoly kindly.

A dogfight has begun between Google and OpenAI, between Bard and ChatGPT and it is going to be a long one, with no certainty on who will rule the skies and who will plunge to the ground.

Less is more

Generative AI is not new, anybody working in tech knows that it’s been around for years, but now that it’s hit critical mass, the hysteria has officially begun.

More important, however, is what is happening now and how it will impact businesses and the digital landscape. And where that’s happening is with SEO and how users operate on the internet.

During this month’s OpenAI DevDay, the company released an array of new features, notably highlighting the recent launch of GPT-4 Turbo, with its key enhancement being that it is trained on data from April 2023, not more than a year ago.

This date will become closer to real-time as the product improves. This means less ‘hallucinations’, less mistakes and a little less like reading yesterday’s newspaper.

A challenging endeavour

On the opposing side, Google appears to resist this progressive trend, evident in its huge amount of updates to the SEO algorithm throughout the past year. These monthly updates, almost resemble a manifesto of how it regards AI-created content.


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