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Since Search Engine Land launched, we have given SEO experts a platform to share their in-depth knowledge and timely insights – with the goal of helping you solve problems, manage challenges and understand the constantly shifting SEO landscape.

What follows are links to the 10 most-read, must-read Search Engine Land SEO columns of 2023 that were contributed by our fantastic group of Subject Matter Experts.

No surprise, Generative AI was the hottest topic in 2023 and dominates our list – 80% of the columns were either about ChatGPT, Bard or SGE.

Also, I need to give some huge recognition to Tom Demers, who authored 5 of the 10 most popular SEO columns of the year. Unbelievable!

10. How Google SGE will impact your traffic – and 3 SGE recovery case studies

Learn how Google Search Generative Experience could affect your website’s organic traffic in this in-depth analysis. (By Gilad David Maayan. Published Sept. 5.)

9. Your SEO guide to the ChatGPT API

The ChatGPT API can help address some of the web interface’s shortcomings. Here’s how to maximize the API for specific SEO use cases. (By Tom Demers. Published March 17.)

8. How to write title tags for SEO with ChatGPT

Learn how ChatGPT and the ChatGPT API can help you create compelling, clickable title tags. (By Tom Demers. Published March 27.)

7. Yandex scrapes Google and other SEO learnings from the source code leak

Yandex isn’t Google, but there is a lot SEOs can learn about how a modern search engine is built from...

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