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There has been a ton of chatter within the SEO community over the past couple of days related to extreme ranking volatility within the Google Search results. The Google tracking tools have also picked up the volatility over the past day or so. There is no way Google pushed out a confirmed update this week but hey, Google's search results live a life of their own.

It is just weird to see such heated changes in the Google search results on a week where you know for almost certain that Google did not release any algorithmic changes. But it also seems like the weekends have been very heated for Google Search ranking changes.

We saw something similar with the pre-Christmas Google ranking volatility and now we are seeing it with the pre-New Years eve timing.

I hinted to seeing early signs of this update in my Friday video but as I said, I wanted to wait for more signals before covering it.

There is some chatter about possible reversals from the last Google update.

It is so heated, I figured I'd cover it on a Saturday night and not wait for normal "business hours."

Google Tracking Tools

Let's first look at what the automated Google Search tracking tools are showing:




Cognitive SEO:

Advanced Web Rankings:







SEO Chatter

Here is some of the chatter that really began a few days ago but I suspect it took some time for most SEOs to notice during the slow period between Christmas and New Years.


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