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In a recent discussion on Reddit, a user inquired about the advantages of using keyword domain names for SEO to improve visibility for a specific phrase.

The user shared an example of utilizing a domain like “” for selling swimsuits, a keyword with over 10,000 monthly searches in their country.

John Mueller, Google’s Search Advocate, offered a response that should help marketers decide on the best approach for SEO.

Are Keywords In Domain Names A Ranking Factor?

The big question: do relevant keywords in a domain name offer additional advantages in Google Search?

Mueller’s response was direct and insightful. He advised against relying on keywords in domain names for long-term SEO strategy.

“A keyword domain name is not going to give you any recognizable SEO advantage on Google.”

Screenshot from r/SEO, December 2023

The introductory if “If you’re planning on using this [domain] for the long run” – suggests the advice does not apply to all website owners and that there could be short-term value in keyword-based domain names.

Omnichannel Brand Recognition & Versatility

For those with long-term marketing goals, domain names focused on a specific keyword or phrase could become a hindrance.

According to Mueller, such domain names can also be restrictive for targeting other keywords,...

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