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Multiple statements by Googlers indicate that the homepage may be the most important part of a website to Google

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A recent statement by a Googler appears to strongly emphasize that the home page is the most important page of a website to Google. And that’s kind of different from how some in the search community consider which page is most important.

It’s commonly understood that links play an important role in telling Google what pages of a website are important.

But there are multiple statements from Googlers that may indicate that the homepage may be the most important part of a website.

Home Page Importance

The home page used to be considered the most important page of a website in the early days of SEO because everyone obtained links from directories and reciprocal linking which overwhelmingly resulted in home page links. That in turn made the home page the most powerful.

But nowadays the most important pages for many (but not all) sites are generally the inner pages because people link to content (or build links to it). It’s a longtime link building trend to build links to important inner pages so that pages about XYZ have a better chance to rank for XYZ and so on.

How Important Is the Home Page To Google?

So it was a little surprising to see Gary Illyes emphatically assert...

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