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Google’s continued evolution of Search and Discover with new features demonstrates its commitment to adapting to shifting consumer needs, interests, and trends.

By improving its search results with a personalized feed, social posts, discussions, stories, and generative AI, Google creates new opportunities for marketers and advertisers to reach target audiences.

This article will explore Google’s growing integration of engaging social and conversational features into Search and the Discover feed.

Mobile Users Want More Social Features

Why would Google begin to integrate social media features into its search results?

We know Google maintains its position as the most used search engine globally.

Amongst the top search engines, it also leads with the most engaged users.

One thing to note from the above data: over half (59%) of visitors were on mobile devices.

This is not surprising, considering that the number of people who access the internet is increasing on mobile phones, connected television, and smart home devices.

As for the types of apps and websites people visit, social networks outrank search engines.

If you compare the engagement data for Google search to the top social media platforms, you’ll find that social networks keep visitors more engaged. Social networks also offer more ad formats for advertisers to utilize for brand marketing.

In addition to the growing demand for social features, there is also an increasing interest in AI-powered search,...

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