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Over the past two years, I invested much time learning search engine optimization techniques. Making tweaks to my website and creating a content strategy, this work finally began bearing fruit three months ago. I'll now share the SEO knowledge I gathered in a little article series. In this article, I focus on how to rank on Google Search.

Like most photographers who give SEO tips online, I'm no SEO professional. The knowledge I acquired about search engine optimization and how to rank on Google comes from a lot of trial and error. Two years ago, I decided to take the development of my homepage more seriously and work on a sustainable way of getting traffic, which is an essential step to generating income from a website. And with time, I finally began to understand what I must do to rank my content on Google.

Why Is SEO Important?

Most photographers use social media as a prime outlet for sharing their work. The reward for building an audience there is mostly likes and comments. You might also get some leads, and if you have a large enough following, you can advertise your products and maybe even make some sales. But for a conversion - turning a follower into a customer - you usually must first make them visit your website or shop.

Since I don't enjoy putting work into social media, I decided to instead focus on my homepage and get visitors directly from Google. I value an organic click on my homepage on Google Search a lot higher than a like on Instagram. This way, I'm...

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