94% of Google SGE links are different from organic search results, study finds - Search Engine Land

The AI-generated answers in Google’s Search Generative Experience (SGE) do not match any links from the top 10 Google organic search results 93.8% of the time.

That’s according to a new Authoritas analysis, which focused primarily on commercial keywords.

Why we care. Google SGE is expected to reduce organic traffic significantly to websites for many keywords because searchers will be able to get the answer directly in Google’s AI-generated answer. The one bright spot? Websites that can’t reach the top 10 of Google’s organic results might be able to appear as links within SGE.

SGE often gives links to content not in top organic results. According to the study:

  • In simple terms, when comparing the URLs that Google’s SGE content generates against the URLs that appear in regular (organic) search results, there’s a relatively low overlap. Only about 4.5% of the time does a URL in the generative content exactly match a URL in the organic results. An even smaller percentage (1.6%) matches at the domain level, meaning the generative content is from the same website as an organic result but not the exact same page. The vast majority of the time (93.8%), the generative content introduces URLs that are completely different from those in the organic search results.


  • “93.8% of generative links (in this dataset at least) came from sources outside the top-ranking organic domains. With only 4.5% of generative URLs directly matching a page 1 organic URL and only 1.6% showing a...

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