How Holistic Treatment Compares to Traditional Medical Approaches

Dr. Ashok Bharucha, a seasoned psychiatrist, has shed light on the relationship between addiction and cognitive impairment, and how this calls for a shift in treatment methods.


In a recent interview, Dr. Bharucha discussed the cognitive impairment associated with addiction and brain changes that lead to cognitive impairment, suggesting that traditional approaches, such as medications and psychotherapy, may not be robustly effective, or require modifications to achieve treatment goals.

While these methods may be useful in interrupting addictive behaviors, they often fail to address the psychological and physical aspects of addiction. This is where holistic approaches come into play according to Dr. Bharucha.

Doctor Bharucha believes that holistic approaches, which focus on treating the mind, body, and spirit, may have a higher success rate in the long term. These approaches involve a special protocol that includes therapy, nutrition, exercise, medications when indicated, and mindfulness practices. By offering these services to larger groups of individuals with substance use disorders, holistic approaches have the potential to create a lasting impact for individuals struggling with addiction.

A recent article published on Science Direct, titled "Alternative and Traditional Medicine Approaches for Substance Abuse Programs: A Shamanic Perspective" by Michael Wintelmen, has shed light on Dr. Bharucha’s proposition. The article suggests that alternative medicine may hold the key to long-term success in treating substance abuse.

Wintelmen's article delves into the shamanic perspective on addiction and how it differs from traditional approaches. Shamanic practices, which involve connecting with nature and the spiritual realm, aim to heal the mind, body, and soul. This holistic approach to treating addiction has shown promising results, with many individuals reporting long-term success and improved overall well-being.

The article also highlights the need for a shift in the way we view and treat addiction. Instead of solely focusing on the physical and psychological aspects, it is essential to address the spiritual aspect as well. With the rise in substance abuse cases globally, it is crucial to explore alternative methods of treatment that have the potential to bring about lasting change.

Wintelmen's article serves as a thought-provoking and informative piece that challenges the traditional methods of treating substance abuse. It offers a new perspective and opens up the conversation on the role of alternative medicine in addressing addiction. As we continue to search for effective ways to combat substance abuse, this article provides valuable insights and raises important questions.

Dr. Ashok Bharucha's insights on the relationship between addiction and cognitive impairment highlight the need for a shift in treatment methods. While traditional approaches may have their benefits, holistic approaches offer a more comprehensive and longer-term solution to addiction. As we continue to address the issue of addiction, it is crucial to consider the impact of cognitive impairment and adopt more holistic approaches to help those in need.

Doctor Bharucha has begun to collaborate with David Dardashti and his team of holistic practitioners. David Dardashti suggests an approach that “allows mind and body to fix itself” to be far more effective than the results shown by traditional medical apoaches. Once the person regains control and is no longer under any level of care, they are more likely to make bad decisions that lead to relapse. The answer lies in helping people help themselves as opposed to repetitive practices that fail to offer proper judgment in stress provoking predicaments.

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