Furniture For Life Provides Valuable Insight on the Best Places to Research and Buy A Massage Chair

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Where to Buy Your Massage Chair

If you are considering buying a massage chair, there is a crucial question to ask before considering which massage chair to buy. It is: “Where should I buy my massage chair?”

Where you shop for a massage chair is essential for a few reasons. First, your choice of a massage chair provider determines your exposure to different brands. If you buy from one that promotes a single line or only its own brand, you won’t get a wide variety of experiences. Variety helps you understand which features, functions, and other characteristics are important to you.

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So, before you start shopping for a massage chair, you should consider where to do your research. The three most common places are:

  1. In person at a massage chair store
  2. In person at a garden or home show
  3. Online

Buying a Massage Chair at a Store

The best place to buy a massage chair is in a showroom setting that encourages and supports careful deliberation. Ideally, you should feel more relaxed the minute you walk in. Everything from the lighting to the acoustics should be conducive to a positive shopping experience. Also, the store should have a wide selection of chairs from leading manufacturers so you try and compare several models.

The advantage of this environment is that you can take your time and find the perfect chair for your needs. The drawback, if any, of shopping at a massage chair store is that you have to travel to the location. But that downside is significantly outweighed by the opportunity to try several models and work with a helpful massage chair expert.

Buying a Massage Chair at a Garden or Home Show

Another place people shop for massage chairs is at garden and home shows. Examples include events like the Consumer Electronic Show (CES), International Builders’ Show, Asian American Expo, Denver Home Show, CosmoProf, San Diego State Fair, and countless home shows and trade shows throughout the country that have massage chair vendors.

The advantage of doing research at these types of events is that you can see a wide variety of massage chairs. The disadvantage is that the settings are often busy, loud, and not ideal for carefully considering a significant purchase. You may also feel pressured to make a decision by a salesperson who wants to complete this sale quickly and move on to the next prospective customer.

Buying a Massage Chair Online

Another option is to do your massage chair research virtually. Finding a reputable provider and spending time on their website can be beneficial as it allows you to shop at your own pace—over several days and visits if appropriate. This approach is also helpful if you don’t live near a showroom, have mobility limitations, or simply prefer to shop from home.

The downside of doing your massage chair shopping exclusively online is that you miss out on the most important part of massage chair research: the “test drives.” An excellent alternative to online-only shopping is to first educate yourself about massage chair technology and available models on a provider’s website and then visit a brick-and-mortar location to talk with a sales consultant, experience several chairs, and then make your purchase.

Find the Right Massage Chair for You

Remember when shopping for a massage chair that there is no such thing as “the right massage chair.” Feature lists, reviews, and other information is helpful. However, what matters most is how a particular massage chair feels to you. In other words, product descriptions should inform you but not persuade you!

Another Vital “Where” Question: Where Will I Turn for Service and Support?

Unfortunately, it is not uncommon to feel like the company that sold you a massage chair has, for all intents and purposes, disappeared after taking your money. They are still in the same business location, but their desire to assist you seems to have vanished!

That scenario is why it is vital to understand a massage chair provider’s warranties and policies on after-sales support. Ideally, you want the chair you select to come with a 3-year, in-home service and parts warranty. Advanced massage chairs are designed and constructed to provide many years of enjoyment, but should a problem arise, you want to be sure it is resolved quickly and to your complete satisfaction.

Now That You Know Where to Buy Your Massage Chair…

Choosing the right massage chair can be tricky. To help educate shoppers, we created a Massage Chair Buyer’s Guide that you can download free of charge and use as you shop for a chair that can deliver relaxing, rejuvenating massages in your home.

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