Adriana Carrig's Journey: Building a Community of Kindness, One Bracelet at a Time on Dear FoundHer…

Adriana Carrig, Founder + CEO of Little Words Project was interviewed by Lindsay Pinchuk on Dear FoundHer…Turning Kindness Into a Multi-Million Dollar Empire.

In a profound exploration of resilience and purpose, Adriana Carrig, founder and CEO of Little Words Project, reveals her transformative journey in the upcoming 200th episode of the podcast hosted by Lindsay Pinchuk.

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Adriana's story begins humbly, crafting bracelets in her parents' basement, and has evolved into a powerful testament to the impact of kindness. Her brand, Little Words Project, has gained recognition for its affirmation bracelets that not only serve as personal reminders but also create a sense of connection within a growing community.

Key Takeaways:

Origins of Empowerment: Adriana, drawing inspiration from personal experiences with bullying, initiated Little Words Project to promote kindness and positive connections. The brand's roots lie in fostering support and empowerment.

Bracelets with Purpose: What started as a small project for Adriana's sorority sisters has flourished into a symbol of empowerment. Each bracelet carries an inspiring word, encouraging wearers to embody the message and pass it on to others in need.

Decade of Growth: Over the past ten years, Little Words Project has transformed into a multi-million dollar business with a widespread retail presence and partnerships with major retailers, including Target. The brand's success is attributed to the genuine community it has cultivated and a highly effective brand ambassador program.

Strategic Partnerships: Adriana highlights the crucial role of strategic partnerships, citing collaborations with notable names like Peloton, Nordstrom's, and Taylor Swift. These connections have significantly expanded the brand's visibility.

Resilience in Entrepreneurship: Adriana's journey serves as a lesson in resilience for aspiring entrepreneurs. She emphasizes the importance of perseverance, learning from challenges, and seeking support from the community.

The podcast episode delves into the profound impact of building a purpose-driven brand, the strength derived from community, and navigating the entrepreneurial journey with grace and determination.

Listeners are invited to connect with the empowering narrative of Adriana Carrig and witness the evolution of Little Words Project, a brand dedicated to rewriting the rules of kindness, one bracelet at a time.

About the Podcast Guest:

Adriana Carrig is the founder and CEO of Little Words Project, sharing her personal journey of resilience and belief in creating a brand centered around kindness. Her commitment to building a community of support has shaped the success of Little Words Project over the past ten years.

To learn more about Adriana Carrig visit her on the Little Words Project website.

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To learn more about Lindsay Pinchuk visit her website (Lindsay Pinchuk).

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