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Amy Cohn, Founder of Joydays was interviewed by Lindsay Pinchuk on Dear FoundHer…The Out of the Box Way to Get on Retail Shelves Nationwide.

Joydays, a burgeoning health-focused food brand, is making waves in the snacking industry under the visionary leadership of founder Amy Cohn. With a background in crafting innovative experiences for industry giants like Disney, Oprah, and Sony, Cohn brings a wealth of expertise to the realm of health-conscious snacks.

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In a recent interview, Cohn shared insights into her remarkable journey from the tech and media sectors to entrepreneurship in the food industry. Inspired by her personal health challenges and a lack of suitable snacking options, she set out to create a line of blood sugar-friendly snacks that would address the needs of individuals managing diabetes and those seeking healthier alternatives.

Key Takeaways:

  • Personal Experience Driving Innovation: Cohn's personal health challenge with colon cancer fueled her determination to create Joydays, emphasizing the importance of addressing gaps in the market through personal experiences.

  • Collaboration with Experts: Cohn engaged with dietitians and chefs to develop products that balance fiber, protein, low sugar, and low carbs without compromising taste, highlighting the significance of collaboration with industry experts.

  • Focus on Branding and Packaging: Joydays' branding and packaging exude joy while highlighting the health benefits of the snacks, demonstrating the importance of effective marketing strategies in establishing differentiation in the market.

  • Navigating Manufacturing and Fundraising: Cohn discusses the complexities of manufacturing and fundraising in the consumer packaged goods (CPG) industry, emphasizing the critical role of assembling a reliable team and maintaining quality control.

  • Actionable Advice for Entrepreneurs: Cohn offers practical advice for aspiring entrepreneurs, stressing the importance of rigorous time management, finding personal joy and balance, and maintaining an unapologetic stance on company culture and team building.

Joydays is poised to redefine snacking standards by offering a range of delicious and health-conscious options designed to meet the needs of today's consumers. With Cohn's visionary leadership and dedication to quality and innovation, Joydays is set to become a household name in the health food industry.

Amy Cohn, Founder of Joydays

About the Podcast Guest:

Amy Cohn, Founder of Joydays was founded by former media industry veteran Amy Cohn. Previously Head of Product at The Oprah Winfrey Network and Executive Director at Sony Pictures, Amy decided to enter the food industry when she was unexpectedly diagnosed with colon cancer in 2020. After her diagnosis, Amy became increasingly aware of the foods she was putting into her body. She realized that most of the snack products dominating grocery store shelves were more marketing 'healthy', but not made or even good for actual medical or health concerns.

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