Wormhole Announces W Token Launch, 617M Airdrop; Cross-Chain Governance Solution Unveiled

Wormhole confirms the W tokens launch, offering previous users a 617M airdrop. The governance asset will enable voting in the Wormhole DAO. Exploring the Role of W Token in Wormhole DAO and Its Cross-Blockchain Governance Features The W token is slated to be a governance asset whose holders can cast votes within Wormhole DAO, an as-yet-to-be-established organization responsible for platform decisions such as fee pricing. Wormhole, a cross-blockchain messaging platform, enables funds transfer between Aptos, Solana, Ethereum, and other blockchains. According to a webpage published on...

source: https://tokenpost.com/Wormhole-Announces-W-Token-Launch-617M-Airdrop-Cross-Chain-Governance-Solution-Unveiled-11369

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