Maximizing ROI: CommonGround Empowers Landowners and Farmers Alike with Casey Seymour on Moving Iron Podcast

Chris Baumann, Founder/CEO, CommonGround was interviewed by Casey Seymour on Moving Iron Podcast on Finding Common Ground on Cash Rent.

In a recent episode of the Moving Iron podcast, host Casey Seymour delved into the transformative impact of CommonGround, an online marketplace aimed at revolutionizing land transactions in the agricultural industry. Through insightful discussion with Chris Baumann, the founder of CommonGround, viewers gained valuable insights into how this platform is reshaping the landscape for both landowners and farmers.

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CommonGround, formerly known as, serves as a crucial tool for enhancing transparency and efficiency in agricultural transactions. Baumann highlighted the platform's core mission: to provide landowners with the means to achieve optimal return on investment (ROI) while simultaneously offering farmers opportunities for growth and expansion.

Key Takeaways:

  • Transparency in Agriculture: CommonGround aims to break down barriers and foster transparency in the agricultural industry. By empowering landowners to make informed decisions about rental rates and tenant selection, the platform enhances trust and collaboration between stakeholders.

  • Maximizing ROI: Through CommonGround, landowners can leverage data-driven insights to optimize their ROI on agricultural properties. By setting their desired price points and criteria, landowners can attract quality tenant farmers and maximize the profitability of their land.

  • Facilitating Growth Opportunities: CommonGround not only benefits landowners but also provides farmers with access to new opportunities for growth and expansion. By connecting farmers with available land and facilitating fair and transparent transactions, the platform supports the long-term sustainability of agricultural operations.

  • Expanding Reach: As CommonGround continues to expand its operations into new states and industries, it is poised to play an increasingly significant role in shaping the future of agricultural transactions. Baumann's insights shed light on the platform's ongoing evolution and its potential to revolutionize land management practices nationwide.

Listeners of the Moving Iron podcast gained valuable insights into the innovative solutions offered by CommonGround in optimizing land transactions and empowering stakeholders across the agricultural supply chain. As the platform continues to grow and evolve, it stands as a testament to the power of technology in driving positive change within the agricultural industry.

About the Podcast Guest:

Chris is a serial entrepreneur with a passion for building great businesses. Chris is a lifelong resident of Morton Illinois with a degree from Illinois State in construction management. He loves all things real estate with an emphasis on building, investment, and working with both buyers and sellers. Alongside his friend and fellow business partner, Brad Belser, they created Common Ground with the passion to help landowners establish a true rental rate for their coveted tillable and hunting ground, as well as to allow farmers and hunting enthusiasts the opportunity to grow their operations.

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About Moving Iron Podcast:

Casey Seymour, a prominent figure in agriculture and heavy equipment, hosts the acclaimed "Moving Iron Podcast." With a wealth of experience in sales and marketing within the equipment industry, Casey offers invaluable insights into market trends and challenges. Through engaging discussions with industry professionals, experts, and enthusiasts, his podcast serves as a go-to platform for industry analysis and discourse. Additionally, Casey contributes to Farm Equipment Magazine's "Ask the Expert," sharing his expertise on the equipment market.

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