Commissioner George Mentz and GAFM International Board of Standards Expand Offices in China, India, Arabia & South Asia

Commissioner George Mentz and GAFM International Board of Standards Expand Certification and Skills Accreditation Offices in China, India, Arabia, and South Asia

The International Board of Standards and Commissioner George Mentz are celebrating well deserved growth with new offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong and offices in other regions of Asia including Indonesia, India, Philippines, Vietnam, and Singapore. Commissioner Mentz is a seasoned international lawyer renowned for international diplomacy while crafting legal alliances across more than 30 nations. His success is rooted in his triple board qualifications expertise, holding a graduate international law qualification, a civil law doctorate degree, and an MBA with state and federal law licenses. Counselor Mentz’s deep understanding of civil and common law coupled with business acumen has proven instrumental in navigating complex diplomatic landscapes in the EU, Arabia, Africa, and Asia.

With a portfolio of over 100 trademarked certifications, designations, charters, and skills programs worldwide, Mentz’s companies such as the GAFM Global Academy of Finance and Management ® have achieved remarkable milestones in the global certification and skills educational standards. With members in over 150 countries, The GAFM Int’l Board of Standards is the first company to gain quality standards recognition from: SIS, ESQ and TUV recognition and receiving SIS sanction in Europe along with earning ISO 29993, 21001, and ISO 9001 Certifications. Comm’r George Mentz has spearheaded groundbreaking agreements with reputable accrediting bodies such as the US Dept of Education recognized Higher Education Council and the ACBSP Accreditation Council for Business Schools, enabling ISO 17024 quality exams and nationally accredited college programs from over 1000 accredited business schools. Mentz is presently serving on prestigious boards such as the European Council of Leading Business Schools (ECLBS), the QAHE International Association for Quality Assurance, and the MACCA Accreditation Body in the EU/Latin America. Presently, the GAFM has cultivated alliance offices the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kenya, Ghana, South Africa, Tanzania, Nigeria, Uganda, and Egypt over the last 25 years.

As General Counsel, Mentz’s credentials include a Doctor of Jurisprudence degree, an MBA, and a graduate international law diploma. As a Law Professor at a top tier law school and author of over 100 books, Mentz is a sought-after speaker, award winning author, and advisor to both technology and educational companies. Renowned for his expertise and publications in Economics, Finance, Taxation, Wealth Management, Human Potential, Leadership, and Management, Mentz’s contributions have earned him various teaching awards and accolades. Presently, Mentz is Chairman of globally known Aspen Commission which is spearheading education, scholarships, and innovation in AI Artificial Intelligence and FinTech. Over the years, Mentz has engaged much charitable and service work including leadership roles on the: Global Finance Forum in Switzerland, The World E-Commerce Forum and the Royal Society of Fellows. As for patronage, Counselor Mentz has enabled charitable giving plans this year to distribute $1 million in free educational textbooks to those in need around the world from his personal publishing portfolio of textbooks, reflecting his dedication to both education and philanthropy.

Commissioner George Mentz serves as the CEO and international lawyer for the GAFM Global Academy for Finance and Management ® and AAPM American Academy of Project Management which owns various certification programs including the famous: CWM Chartered Wealth Manager ®, ChFM Chartered Financial Manager ® and MPM Master Project Manager ®. All of these qualifications are in compliance with the Presidential Executive Order 13932 in 2020 on Skills and Certifications.

As CEO, George Mentz has recently won various Top 50 Global Thought Leader Awards across various domains including influencer awards in: Management, #2 in the world Project Management (PM), Human Resources (HR), Financial Technology (FinTech), #2 in the world Wealth Management, and Business-to-Business (B2B) sectors. Holding esteemed positions such as government commissioner and CEO, as well as General Counsel of a Global Accreditation & Certification Body, Mentz’s impact extends to the highest echelons of leadership. Professor Mentz recently served on the White House Commission on Presidential Scholars until 2022, and Comm’r Mentz is currently in serving in several governmental offices including the Civil Service Commission and The Airport Commission (Home of Peterson Space Force). Mentz has also been recently appointed to the esteemed position of Chancellor of the WAC Worldwide Anglican Church where Mentz serves as the CLO Chief Legal Officer for the Anglican Church while Mentz was also a recipient of a Doctor of Spiritual Studies degree in 2007 from the Emerson Institute. Mentz has recently been tasked with being on a governmental investigation committee looking into law enforcement issues in an ongoing investigation in 2024.

As an educator with a Doctorate and an MBA, Mentz’s has strived for excellence over the last 25 years having taught and designed over 300 business, law school, ethics, and graduate courses also advising major online business schools in the USA. See: Further, Dr. Jur. Mentz’s consultative roles encompass global institutions such as the United Nations System’s Academic Council, the Arab Academy of Banking, Economists Association of Africa, The International Barristers Society, and Mentz is an Associate of St. George House Windsor Castle. Mentz has been formally recognized by various higher education bodies with faculty and professor awards.

Commissioner Mentz’s involvement in several successful presidential campaigns and his 25 years of experience in e-Marketing expertise underscores his geopolitical acumen and civil service influences. In addition, Mentz’s heritage, proudly embracing Sicilian, Egyptian, Arabic, Hispanic, Eurasian, French, German, Scottish, and Irish ancestries, further enriches his diverse background and comprehensive worldview. Prof. Mentz has recently served various universities, standards bodies, and charities such as the: ASTM Accreditation and Certification Committee for the American Society for Testing and Materials, the Chairman of the Jurisprudence Committee for the WAC, the Loyola University Alumni Board of Directors, and the TRE Resource Exchange Board of Directors which spends over $20 Million per year helping families in the region. Comm’r Mentz and his companies have been featured or quoted in the AP, The Hill, National Law Journal, Forbes, Reuters, Wall St. Journal, The Hindu National, El Norte Latin America, the Financial Times, NYSSA, The China Daily, & The Arab Times. Presently, Chandellor Mentz serves as the Seigneur of the Fief Blondel in Guernsey which is an ancient territorial title in Normandy with a 1,000 year old history as a feudal lordship territory on the beach registered directly with the Royal Courts & Crown of the UK.

The Global Academy is seeking educational partners worldwide, and feel free to contact the GAFM or AAPM directly if you desire to form an alliance with the International Board of Standards.

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