Bonsai3 Launches The Ultimate Hub for Web3 and AI With Major Rebrand and Platform Upgrade

Bonsai3 is Pioneering Web3 and AI Integration

Bangkok, Thailand, March 28, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Bonsai3, the pioneering no-code solution for everything Web3, is thrilled to announce a groundbreaking rebrand and platform upgrade, positioning itself as “The Hub for Web3 and AI”. This innovative upgrade marks a significant leap forward, transforming Bonsai3 into the world’s first blockchain company for everything Web3 and AI. The upgrade goes live on March 28th, offering an unmatched suite of tools and services for users, investors, and developers in the Web3 and AI domains.

The upgrade of Bonsai3's platform, starting with the introduction of the AI Hub, reflects a bold evolution from its original offerings, now encompassing premier Web3 and AI tools, curated and ranked by industry experts. Through its extensive ecosystem of partners, users will gain access to investment opportunities in the most promising Web3 projects, as well as no-code toolkits, making AI and Web3 technologies effortlessly accessible.

The team is constructing a plug-and-play store with a primary focus on a seamless front-end experience, prioritizing B2C products across various categories, including Artificial Intelligence, Trading Tools (Snipers/MEV/Buybots), DeFi (Dexs/Bridges/Lending/Wallets), and NFT (Aggregators, Generators).

The dedicated team at Bonsai3 and over 35+ partners are the driving forces behind this monumental upgrade. Notable collaborations include integrations with DEXTools, Orion, ChatGPT, TrendX,, while joining tech giants like NVIDIA and Microsoft through their developer programs. More integrations are planned with leading blockchains such as Base, Arbitrum, Coinweb, Mantle, and Blast. Over the next few months, Bonsai3 aims to feature more than 150+ dApps and AI tools, offering unparalleled resources for the global Web3 community.

Central to the ecosystem's growth and sustainability is Bonsai3's native token, $SEED. The holders of the token not only enjoy a share of the platform's profits but also contribute to its sustainable growth model through buybacks and token burns.

Bonsai3 invites the global Web3 and AI communities to explore its upgraded platform on March 28, 2024 and join in the revolution of simplifying access to Web3 and AI technologies. With its innovative approach and strategic partnerships, Bonsai3 is poised to lead the way in reshaping the future of Web3 and AI integration.

About Bonsai3

Bonsai3 is at the forefront of the Web3 revolution, providing a no-code platform that simplifies and accelerates the adoption of blockchain and AI technologies. By offering a comprehensive suite of tools and services, Bonsai3 empowers users, developers, and investors to harness the potential of Web3 and AI without the complexities traditionally associated with these technologies. For more information about Bonsai3 and the upcoming platform upgrade, visit

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