Ouinex and Interactiv Trading Conference Attracts Over 500 Active Traders Ahead of Paris Blockchain Week

The Interactiv Trading by Ouinex Event Sets a New Standard in Trading Innovation

The Interactiv Trading by Ouinex Event Sets a New Standard in Trading Innovation


Paris, France , April 12, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Paris witnessed a groundbreaking convergence of trading innovation as the IVTday by Ouinex Conference got underway on April 5 - just days before the start of Paris Blockchain Week. With over 500 attendees, the conference is a significant milestone in the realm of trading innovation in France, with traders and stakeholders gathered from around the globe.

Interactiv Trading by Ouinex Conference

Hosted at the esteemed Salons Hoche, the full-day conference showcased the collective anticipation and enthusiasm surrounding Ouinex, a secure crypto and derivatives trading platform backed by Interactiv Trading and its community. Attendees, predominantly high net-worth active traders, demonstrated overwhelming support for Ouinex, with nearly all holding $OUIX investments from the startup's presale rounds, which recently raised over 4 million in funding.

Over 500 active traders attended the conference

Renowned traders, Rodolphe Steffan and Xavier Fenaux, headlined the event, infusing it with their expertise and vision for the future of trading.

"The Interactiv Trading community has never been stronger, and the success of today's event proves this," said Xavier Fenaux, underscoring the depth of support from the trading community.

Central to the conference was the unveiling of Ouinex's highly anticipated Trading Station, the culmination of months of innovation and development.

"The Ouinex Trading Station promises an unparalleled trading experience, blending transparency, liquidity, and sophistication to meet the diverse needs of traders," stated Ilies Larbi, CEO and Founder of Ouinex.

Ilies Larbi, CEO and Founder of Ouinex

Moreover, Ouinex's dedication to liquidity distinguishes it as a premier trading platform. Through strategic partnerships, Ouinex ensures optimal market liquidity, facilitating seamless trade execution and minimizing slippage.

With Interactiv Trading boasting one of the largest French-speaking communities of sophisticated and active traders, this conference served as a testament to the collective vision and dedication driving the future of trading in all its forms,” summarized Rodolphe Steffan at the end of the event.

Rodolphe Steffan - presenting

The IVTday by Ouinex Conference set to define the future of interactive trading, ushering in an era of transparency, liquidity, and sophistication. With Ouinex leading the charge and the steadfast support of Interactiv Trading, the journey toward a more dynamic trading ecosystem has only just begun.

Conference attendees

About Ouinex

Ouinex is a secure crypto and derivatives trading platform, focused on low latency and ultra competitive trading fees. Ouinex brings the best of TradFi electronic trading infrastructure to Web3 including innovative universal cross margining capabilities, enabling users to trade TradeFi instruments by using their crypto holdings as margin. Learn more at https://ouinex.com/.

About Interactiv Trading

Interactiv Trading is an online trading institution that helps individuals with their investments by providing unparalleled trading resources, through education content, 24/7 live trading, market research, trading strategies and more. The founders are renowned public figures in the trading space and count a community of over 200,000 active traders. For more information, please visit https://interactivtrading.com/.

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