ZTX to Launch Ecosystem Chain to Streamline Mobile Expansion

ZTX team will spin up its own chain using Arbitrum Orbit technology to lay the groundwork for onboarding more users in future mobile expansion

Singapore, Singapore , April 15, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- ZTX, the Web3 social metaverse platform, has announced that it is developing an ecosystem blockchain using Arbitrum Orbit technology. The new protocol is set to be launched in Q3 of this year and is intended to prepare the platform for onboarding new users including non-cryptonative users from its legacy Web2 platform.


The ZTX team executed a pilot test for onboarding Web2 users from its legacy platform last August, and on-boarded in under 20 hours over 200,000 new users to blockchain who all minted NFTs. The takeaways from that experience, combined with new learnings since launching the ZTX beta, have led to the decision to spin up an own chain that would prepare the platform for higher network activity when the mobile application version of ZTX rolls out later this year.

Alexx, Chief Futurist at ZTX explained: “At the end of the day, we’ve always meant to expand to mobile offering, because that’s where most of the world is in terms of online activity. Our Web2 platform is also mobile-first, and our Web2 user onboarding strategy requires a ZTX mobile experience. We’ve been working on that end as well, but after spending a long time evaluating different on-chain strategies we strongly felt a dedicated blockchain using Orbit was a prerequisite for deploying an effective mobile experience.”

The ZTX team cites extensive protocol customization and attractive gas-related experiences as the primary drivers for their decision to launch their own chain. Other UX optimization initiatives that ZTX has been pursuing, such as account abstraction, are also reasons to direct engineering efforts to an efficient, dedicated blockchain.

At present, the legacy Web2 platform of ZTX has approximately 500 million lifetime users and over two million daily transactions, which are all purchases of 3D virtual assets like wearables or skins. It is expected that the mobile product ZTX expands to will facilitate the onboarding of such users and transactions to its on-chain ecosystem. More details on the plan for an ecosystem chain will be shared in official ZTX accounts on X and Discord.

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