Meet Lizmarie Persaud - Ms. Florida US Nation 2024

The reigning Ms. Florida US Nation 2024, is not just another pretty face gracing the runways.

The reigning Ms. Florida US Nation 2024, is not just another pretty face gracing the runways. With a passion for fashion and a heart dedicated to making a difference, Lizmarie is breaking stereotypes in the modeling and pageantry world. ``I have been modeling for about 5 years now," Lizmarie shares, "and I was inspired to become a model because I enjoy wearing fashionable clothes and showcasing the newest trends."

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Her journey into modeling wasn't just about striking poses; it was about exuding confidence and showcasing dedication, values she holds dear. For Lizmarie, the modeling industry represents more than just glamor. "It's about showcasing the newest trends and being confident in your own skin," she explains. "It's about representing class and integrity in everything we do."

Lizmarie plans to implement her title into her modeling career by being confident, poised, elegant, and respectful," Lizmarie states. Looking ahead, Lizmarie envisions herself not only winning more pageantry titles but also breaking into the fashion industry. "In 5 years, I see myself making a name for myself in the fashion industry," she shares. "I would have also liked to have completed my bachelor’s degree in Broadcast Journalism and become a Multimedia Journalist”, says Lizmarie. Beyond the glitz and glam, Lizmarie's platform holds a deeper purpose. "My platform is bringing awareness to mental health struggles among young boys and girls," she reveals. "With so much pressure from social media, friends, and family, many young boys and girls are struggling. I want to bring awareness to these struggles and find ways we can help the youth become more confident in themselves and their abilities.

When it comes to the runways, Lizmarie's ambitions soar high. "I would love to participate in it all if I could," she laughs. "For now, I would like to focus on fashion weeks such as New York and Paris." As she embarks on her journey, Lizmarie is determined to shatter stereotypes about modeling and pageantry. "The stereotypes I would like to break are that it's all about looks," she asserts. "Brains and inner beauty are just as important as outer beauty. Lizmarie is from a small

Photo Credits: Sylvie the Scientist

Meet Lizmarie Persaud - Ms. Florida US Nation 2024

country in South America called Guyana. What is unique about Guyana is that it is the only country in South America where the primary language is English. Lizmarie is looking forward to representing herself and her cultural roots. Support Lizmarie’s journey in the fashion world and follow her on Instagram @lizzyps25 .Photo credits to Sylvie the Scientist (Instagram @sylviethescientist)

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Photo Credits: Sylvie the Scientist

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