Nadrich Accident Injury Lawyers Supports Proposed California Paraquat Ban

Nadrich Law Firm champions AB-1963, advocating for a healthier California by banning paraquat sales and use.

Nadrich Accident Injury Lawyers, a California personal injury law firm with 17 offices throughout the state, supports AB-1963, a bill which seeks to ban the use, sale, offering for sale, holding or delivery of products containing paraquat in California.

“Paraquat has been linked with Parkinson’s disease, a devastating, incurable disease,” said Jeffrey Nadrich, managing partner of Nadrich Accident Injury Lawyers. “In addition, the farmworkers who are exposed to paraquat often lack good healthcare – this bill seeks to protect these valuable, vulnerable Americans who quite literally feed us.”

The bill would effectively establish a paraquat ban in the state which would last until paraquat is re-evaluated by the Department of Pesticide Regulation, followed by the department either:

  • Suspending or canceling paraquat-containing products’ registration, or;
  • Placing appropriate usage restrictions on products containing paraquat to mitigate any potential significant adverse effects

If the bill is signed into law, using, selling, offering for sale, delivering, holding or manufacturing pesticide products with paraquat in them will become a crime in the State of California.

Parkinson’s disease is a progressive, incurable and devastating brain disease which causes motor symptoms such as stiffness, slow movement, problems with walking, and tremors. Its progression can’t be stopped, slowed or reversed, and while treatments can reduce its symptoms, those treatments stop working as well over time and can come with unwanted side effects.

A steadily growing body of scientific evidence suggests that paraquat may cause Parkinson’s disease by inducing oxidative stress in the brain which kills dopaminergic neurons, which are neurons that produce dopamine. Our motor systems need dopamine to function, and these neurons do not grow back when they are killed. When too many of these neurons are killed, the result is the motor symptoms of Parkinson’s disease.

A 2011 National Institute of Health study linked paraquat exposure with 2.5 times the risk of developing Parkinson’s disease.

“Not only does the scientific evidence suggest that paraquat may be very dangerous, but published internal Syngenta documents also suggest that paraquat manufacturers have known for decades that it may be very dangerous,” Nadrich said. “This bill represents a step towards protecting farm workers that is a long time coming.”

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