Atelier Architecture & Design presents ‘Digital Orchard’, a tech industry seeking symbiotic relationship with landscape

Introducing ‘Digital Orchard’: Where Tech Meets Landscape

Atelier Architecture & Design proudly presents ‘Digital Orchard’, a tech industry seeking a symbiotic relationship with the landscape. Digital Orchard is an innovative design concept for a post-production facility in the Chilterns Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (ANOB). The area is known as Europe’s largest natural park consisting of unique woodland, downland, and chalk stream habitats within 30 miles of London. The programme will re-establish the natural ecosystem which has been compromised by poor land management and create an enviable working environment.

The site consists of paddocks bordering ancient woodland. Close by is the River Misbourne, one of the chalk streams affected by tunnelling from the HS2 High-Speed Rail link from London to Birmingham. Clearing the sprawling paraphernalia of the previous equestrian use and the ecological repair of the landscape is key to gaining planning consent in this Green Belt location. The client aspires to restore and enhance rural qualities of green belt openness, including the ancient woodlands, wildflower meadows and orchards.

Thanks to this project, the client’s post-production team will move from a basement studio in London to a peaceful backdrop of ancient woodland, improving creative staff performance and wellbeing.

The concept seeks to merge architecture and landscape with the needs of post-production in a sustainable way, reinforcing the client’s vision and providing a catalyst for business transformation. The architecture takes references from storytelling in the post-production industry and from ancient Celtic symbols to bring the landscape into the function of the building.

The emerging form has a sense of flow, as it unfolds it implies a link between the film-making process and the sweeping landscape. An ancient-entwined lemniscate symbol was used as a source of inspiration. The symbol tells a myth of ‘flow’ and healing the land, and how this is reflected in the 21C postproduction function of weaving a contemporary story into social consciousness. The concept blurs the boundary between architecture and landscape, creating a cloister along the building edge and forming a sweeping curve to embrace the courtyard.

Rather than changing the basic landscape character of the site’s paddocks and woodland fringe, the proposed scheme will enhance and improve it, drawing distinctive elements of the surrounding rural landscape into the site. The cloister softens the building edge and brings the inhabitants in touch with the distinctive habitat of the courtyard. Green corridors connect the court on one side with the ancient woodland on the other. The dark cellular spaces of the theatres and edit suites stand in contrast to the permeable flow of spaces through the building and landscape.

The masterplan creates themed habitats, such as wildflower meadows, woodland fringe, shade gardens, and apple, and cherry orchards that penetrate the floor plan, infusing the courtyard and buildings. The cloistered walkway connects offices with indoor and outdoor meeting spaces. Rainwater is recycled for irrigating and maintaining the different landscape lairs.

Landscape and architecture reinforce each other enhancing the location’s natural ecology and drawing out its potential as a creative workplace. Through landscape-led architecture, engineering, and design this masterplan creates a building in a living landscape, reconnecting people with nature and nature with people.

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