Fleur de Cuisine Continues Expansion with Restaurant and Non-Profit

A Culinary Celebration of Family and Philanthropy, Bringing the Community to the Table with a Heartfelt Mission.

A Culinary Celebration of Family and Philanthropy, Bringing the Community to the Table with a Heartfelt Mission. Fleur de Cuisine adds restaurant, memoir, and non-profit foundation to their family brand.

Fleur de Cuisine, renowned for its exceptional catering services and for its philanthropic contributions since its inception in 2017, is thrilled to announce further expansion of its mission to serve the community both through elevated cuisine and charitable acts.

Their first restaurant, Marie de la Fleur, opened its doors in January 2024 and has been well received by the community. They curate a culturally vibrant menu inspired by Afro-Cuban, Latino and Hispanic cuisines alongside traditional American fare. Each dish is prepared with fresh, seasonal locally sourced ingredients, supporting local farmers and cementing their connection to Loudoun County.

Marie de la Fleur is owned by Tiana Ramos, and named in honor of her grandmother, the company’s matriarch. “This restaurant is a dream come true,” says Ramos, “and embodies the essence of family, heritage, and my mother’s commitment to giving back.”

The offerings at Marie de la Fleur include traditional brunch, weekend buffets and fish fry events, and introduce guests to an array of authentic dishes, from savoury Cuban ropa vieja to piquant Dominican mofongo and succulent Puerto Rican pernil. “There’s a reason the kitchen is the heart of every home,” says Fleur de Cuisine founder and Tiana’s mother, Natalie Ramos, “Our cuisine brings people of all cultures together and allows us to express our love and support for the community through every dish.”

Marie de la Fleur’s unique location in Lansdowne Woods creates the distinct opportunity to also host events for large groups through the catering space operated by Fleur de Cuisine. While the restaurant brings a charming and cosy ambience, ideal for company happy hours and celebrations, the adjacent event space can be transformed for larger parties, fundraising events and even formal galas.

“We welcome corporate and networking organizations to gather with us,” says founder, Natalie Ramos. “We excel at customizing menus of all sizes and cuisines, and handling all of the event details, whether it’s a group of 50 or 500.”

Philanthropy at the Heart of their Recipe for Life
Natalie Ramos, a survivor of domestic violence and homelessness, knows first-hand how important resources are when life gets rough.

“Multiple Loudoun County non-profits were there for me when I had nowhere to turn, and we are committed to providing hope and opportunities to others who need a helping hand.”

Her book, Recipe for Life, chronicles the hardships and challenges she has overcome to become an award-winning, successful business owner with her daughter, Tiana, by her side. “No matter how hard life was, I always put my family first, and we came together around the table. Extending that love into our community is so rewarding, and will always be the foundation that we build our lives upon.”

Fleur de Cuisine’s monetary, meal and catering service donations exceed $300k to date, and through various initiatives including lodging, employment and training, they’ve made a significant impact on local families, fostering a spirit of generosity and community support carried out by their entire team. Marie de la Fleur continues this legacy by supporting local non-profits and providing assistance and meals to those in need.

The Recipe for Life Foundation will officially launch later this year, taking their opportunity to serve the community to the next level. The details will be announced on their website.

For more information about Fleur de Cuisine, Marie de la Fleur and the Recipe For Life Foundation, please visit www.fleurdecuisine.com or contact Natalie Ramos at [email protected]. Media inquiries should come to Renee Ventrice at [email protected] or 571-207-6355

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