IT Outsourcing to Poland is Gaining Momentum

IT Outsourcing to Poland is Gaining Momentum

JCommerce explains why IT outsourcing is growing in Poland.

In March 2021, the journal “Tagesspiegel” published an article describing Poland as an example of “an economic miracle.” For many years, Poland has been associated with a high share of industry services in the economy. Nowadays, Poland is in the process of decarbonizing its economy, and other sectors are now becoming increasingly important, including ICT services. Can we really call it a Polish miracle?

IT outsourcing: from cost-effectiveness to digital advantage

The days of IT outsourcing being associated with cost savings are now gone. The pandemic accelerated the need to implement digital solutions, and today companies struggle to safeguard their operations using top-notch digital solutions. According to research conducted by NTT in 2020, 45% of global companies declared that they would outsource more of their work in the next 18 months. The digital skills shortage was one of the main reasons for considering IT outsourcing.

ICT vacancies in Europe: alarming statistics

Europe has been struggling with an ICT talent shortage for many years, and the pandemic did not make it any easier to address this issue. Vacancies requiring knowledge of cloud computing, DevOps, and programming are some of the hardest to fill. Ideally, these competencies should be combined with soft skills for effective communication in the telework model. According to the DESI report by the European Commission, the competence gap in ICT services amounts to 600,000 vacancies. Companies from countries struggling with a talent shortage, such as the United Kingdom or Germany, are eagerly setting up development centers in Eastern Europe. Why is IT outsourcing to Poland so popular?

Reasons why IT outsourcing centers in Poland are growing

  • Stable market – the Polish economy has undergone an enormous transformation and has proven resistant to global crises for over 30 years, including crashes in 2008 and 2010. The current crisis did not leave the Polish economy entirely unscathed, but research by PIE (Polish Economic Institute) entitled Pandenomics 2.0 shows that it is among the least affected economies in Europe (along with Latvia, Luxembourg, and the Netherlands).
  • Investment Potential – rapidly developing business services centers based on competence and new technologies brought Poland to the forefront, and it has quickly become one of the leading outsourcing destinations, not only in Europe but also globally.
  • Poland’s Got (IT) Talent! – each year, the number of IT graduates in Poland increases by around 14,000. Thanks to the wide range of programming competencies and English language proficiency, we can now talk about Poland as a kind of “competence valley.” The Polish IT market has developed significantly, and according to the ABSL Business Services sector in Poland report, by the end of 2020, there were 338,000 people working in over 1500 centers. IT outsourcing companies like JCommerce play an important role in filling the IT competence gap in both the local and European markets.
  • Competitive prices – last but not least, price is no longer a decisive factor in terms of outsourcing IT services, but it still plays an important role – especially now, in times of economic unpredictability when so many companies are trying to save on costs or ensure that they have a financial cushion. Compared to Western countries, Polish IT companies pride themselves on a good price-quality ratio.

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